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Leolog Farms started out as a small family egg business located in North Clark County.  As the business has expanded and the concept has evolved, one ideal has stayed in the forefront…
Collectively, we can all contribute to our local economy
and food security

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We aspire to become a fully sustainable agricultural endeavor.  One stepping stone on that path was to find a feed supply that was both local and affordable.  By keeping overhead low and purchasing feed locally, and in bulk, we are able to keep our prices low and pass the savings on to other farmers and animal enthusiasts.

Our customer base ranges from Cowlitz in Washington State to Multnomah in Oregon.
Many varieties of feed are available, including but not limited to


*Cow (dairy and beef)






*Minerals mixes and various grains are available as well.

“Great prices, selection and Mike is always great eye candy.”


“Love the service and prices. Good poultry feed selection for every time of the year”


“Good people to work with. Reliable and fair.”